Motorcycle VIN  

Check it before you buy it!


About to buy a motorcycle?


Before handing over any cash you must check the motorcycle number plate and VIN number (Vehicle Identification Number) with a reputable company to check for...

  • Written-off by insurers
  • Reported stolen, Police interest
  • Has outstanding finance
  • Mileage discrepancy
  • Imported, plate changes, VIN confirmation

Every year thousands of written-off bikes are repaired and returned to the road. 'CheckABike' by Experian is specifically tailored for UK Motorcycle buyers, it is the only motorcycle check that uses the MCIA (Motor Cycle Industry Association) data as part of the standard history check. More info >

'The ONLY check designed specifically for motorcycles'

Experian are the biggest supplier of auto and credit information in the UK, holding live data on 31 million vehicles and over 90 million DVLA registration records. Their database currently holds over 8 million records for vehicles bought on HP or finance.


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